Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Wedding Photography Packages?

We use a flat rate for all local weddings. For weddings with 50 total guests or less our rate is $1600 and includes up to 6 hours of wedding day coverage. Weddings with more than 50 guests we charge $3650 and include up to 12 hours of wedding day coverage. Both rates include two professional photographers, a handcrafted wedding album for GraphiStudios, and all edited images on USB and travel within 2 hours of Reno. For more details on our pricing head over to our Investment page.

Do you offer video services?

We do not offer video services. We focus on creating beautiful still images which doesn’t leave us enough time to also create video at the same quality.

Do you do Destination Wedding Photography?

We love to travel and have our passports ready! Destination Weddings require a travel fee which varies due to the location of your wedding. If you are interested in having us photograph a destination wedding than let us know as soon as possible so we can make the necessary travel arrangements.

Do you offer boudoir sessions?

Boudoir sessions are available in the local Reno and Lake Tahoe area. The session fee for boudoir depends on the time of year as we book a hotel room to use a studio. These are fun, relaxing sessions that are a lot like an editorial shoot for Victoria’s Secret. If you are interested in a boudoir shoot contact us for more information.

Do you offer stand-alone Engagement sessions?

We offer engagement sessions in the Reno and Lake Tahoe Region. On special request we can travel to other regions within 3-4 hours of Reno. Generally we prefer to book engagement sessions about an hour or two before sunset. Lake Tahoe can have some unpredictable weather, so if you choose to have your session at Lake Tahoe we will monitor weather and keep in touch leading up to your shoot.

What do you mean by “Two Professional Photographers”? and one an assistant?

Our team is comprised of three people – 2 professional photographers Martin and Kacie, and one assistant, Catie. A lot of other studios have a single lead photographer and an assistant. Martin and Kacie have both shot weddings independently but enjoy working together (and a little competitively!) because it allows them more time to be creative during each shoot. Catie assists both photographers during the day, giving each lead photographer even more time to capture every detail.

Do you ever bring along a second shooter?

Yes, for larger weddings or especially large venues we will bring along a second shooter.

We want to meet to discuss our wedding, but we don’t live nearby.

That’s alright. If you live within an hour or so of Reno we can meet halfway to talk about your wedding, show you samples and answer questions. If you live farther away we can video chat or set up a phone meeting at your preference.

Will you work with dogs/cats/horses/any other animals?

Yes! We aren’t OrangeDog for nothing! We love all animals and are willing to work with any of your pets. If you are planning on bringing a pet to your shoot we just ask you let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly.

Have you ever photographed my venue?

It depends on your venue. There are literally hundreds of local venues, some more popular than others. We do photograph several new venues every year, so even if we haven’t been to your particular venue yet you shouldn’t let that deter you from working with us.

We want to take pictures at a location away from our venue, do we need a permit?

Probably? We don’t always know for sure, but we can certainly look into it. If permits are required we will let you know and secure the permit. Sometimes the permits have to be secured by the client, but we will always let you know!

Can our friends and family also take pictures?

Of course! But with a caveat – we strongly recommend our clients to consider an “unplugged wedding” just during the ceremony. During family pictures we ask friends and family to wait to get their pictures until we have finished with ours – so that everyone is looking at us.

What is an Unplugged Wedding?

An Unplugged Wedding happens with the couple asks their guests to please put their phones away for the ceremony. This allows the guests to be more engaged as witnesses to your wedding, instead of focusing on getting video and pictures.

Do we need to provide you a meal at our reception?

We do require a meal to be provided in our contract, but we do not need a seat at a table. Because of the amount of time we spend at your wedding we often do not have enough time to leave your reception and eat. Bringing food can often pose challenges because of the hot weather in the summer and storage capabilities. We prefer to eat when you do, simply because no one wants to be photographed while they are eating, and that allows us to maintain our high level of coverage.

How many pictures will we receive?

It really depends on your wedding, and every wedding is different. Small weddings can result anywhere from 250 – 450 while larger weddings can see anywhere from 300 – 800. If you want a more detailed estimate of how many images you could expect, let us know your wedding plans and we can give you a more detailed estimate.

Are the images we receive watermarked?

No. We do not watermark any of our images.

Do we get the original images?

We provide a USB will all edited images. We do not release our original RAW images. We do retain the copyright to all the images and the right to use them for our promotional use, advertising, competitions…etc. We are also happy to provide a written release for your images so you can make unlimited copies and reproductions.

Do you need a list of every image we want taken?

Nope. We only need a list of your specific family groupings you want. A few weeks before the wedding we will go over the finalized details of your wedding day together. While we do not need a shot for shot list, we will ask if there are any particularly poignant moments you’d like extra focus on, or if there are any especially important loved ones coming.

We want a picture with every guest at our wedding, can you take table shots?

We strongly recommend against table shots. It can be very time consuming for you and your guests to round everyone up for each table shot. It can also be awkward interrupting conversations, looking for guests and asking everyone to stop eating. We much rather capture people candidly when they are laughing and smiling having a great time.

Will you take family pictures after the ceremony?

Yes, but we recommend limiting the amount of family formal pictures to no more than 15. Otherwise family pictures can take up a lot of time you and your guests would rather spend at the reception.

How long does it take for us to get our images and wedding album?

Your online gallery will be available for viewing and sharing within 6 weeks. Once you approve the final design of your wedding album it is usually ready within 12 weeks. Our albums are printed and hand crafted in Italy by GraphiStudios.

What is an Online Gallery?

It is a password protected, private online viewing of all your images on our website. Once your images are ready we will send you an email with your link and your password. From your private gallery you are able to mark your favorites for your wedding album, order print products and download images. For your convenience, we can also email your link to all of your guests so they can directly download their favorite images, and purchase prints without having to ask you.

We are interested in you emailing our photos to our guests for us, but we are worried about guests email privacy.

Totally understandable! We never use your guests emails for anything other than a one-time email letting them know your images are ready. At your wedding reception, we provide a voluntary sign-up sheet for your guests to opt in to that one-time email. We never sell or use your guests emails for promotional purposes.

Can we get both the black & white and colored versions of some images?

Yes, and we are more than happy to do so. When you receive your First Look of your wedding images you are welcome to request editing changes for all images going into your wedding album and up to 15 for any images not in your wedding album.

Do you do body shaping in editing?

As a standard practice we remove permanent marks (acne, scratches, bruises…etc), but we leave all permanent marks (scars, moles), an we do not reshape bodies without request. If you’d like a certain physical feature changed we will edit accordingly for every image in your wedding album. If you’d like body shaping for every image you receive there is additional charges based on the extra time. For a more definitive estimate let’s talk about it so we can address your concerns and give you the best estimate.

Can we see the images that didn’t make the final cut?

The only images we edit out are images in which eyes are closed, someone walked in front of the camera, lighting test shots, duplicates and so forth. We don’t store these images and so they are not available.

What do your wedding albums look like?

We strive to design fresh and contemporary wedding albums that will instantly be a treasured heirloom. All of our books are made by GraphiStudios in Italy with top quality materials. We offer a huge variety of options from real wood and leather, eco friendly options, fabric and any color you can imagine. We have a large variety of sample albums for your viewing please at our home studio.

How does the wedding album design process work?

When you first get your wedding images you will also receive a pre-designed wedding album to act as a starting point. You are able to change anything in the first draft of your wedding album – including starting completely over! If you live nearby you’ll be invited to our home studio to view your wedding images and the first draft of your wedding album. You’ll also get to see and feel the dozens of different wood, leather, fabric and color samples for your wedding.

We are also interested in wall art or canvas prints, what do you offer?

Wonderful! We offer a variety of prints, and canvas prints of nearly any size. When you book your wedding and select your options in our flat fee you can select a print credit. If you decide after your wedding you’d like additional prints they are available for purchase directly from your online gallery. We can provide a pricing list upon request.

How do we book you?

Get in contact! We require a non-refundable $300 deposit to secure your wedding date. We cannot ‘save the date’ without a deposit and signed contract.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept cash, check and credit. If you choose to pay with credit we use PayPal as our processor and we regretfully have to pass on PayPal’s fees. If you’d like we can also set up a payment plan. We require the full amount be paid before the wedding.

When should we book you?

As soon as possible! We take weddings on a first come, first serve basis and can book quickly. As mentioned before, we can not reserve wedding dates without a deposit and contract.

I, or someone in my family, is a lawyer and would like to make alterations to your contract, is that alright?

No. We try really hard to be equally fair to our clients while also protecting our business. As such our contract is not available to be amended.